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HMQ Partners provides expert support to healthcare public organizations and to Healthcare, Life Sciences & New Technologies companies (Medical devices, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Biotechnologies, Generics).

We specialize in health economics, market access and pricing, offering our considerable expertise in these fields. We work in close collaboration with our clients to develop a deep understanding of the business context, enabling the development of robust pricing, market access & health economics strategies.

The development of effective and profitable healthcare products requires precise technical skills, as well as the most advanced tools and models. HMQ Partners provides these skills and tools as part of our service for our clients. We are committed to clear communication of all technical information to enable our clients to take the best strategic decision for their business.

We believe that there is no substitute for experience, which is why we offer only our own expertise. Our clients can take confidence from the fact that we do not employ junior staff to undertake work on our behalf. Our flexible structure allows us to fully focus on our clients' specific needs and provide complete transparency.

Our expertise

Our experience is based on deploying pricing, health economy and market access tools and analysis to support your strategy. We offer:

  • Expert support on pricing strategy definition: tiers pricing analysis, floor price recommendations, pricing elasticity studies

  • International pricing strategy optimization regarding reference pricing constraints

  • Analysis of worldwide Pricing & reimbursement regulations

  • Setting up customized on-line tools related to any pricing and reimbursement issues

  • Business intelligence and competitive environment analysis : Product benchmark analysis

  • Expert support on annual price cuts or pricing and reimbursement submission to local French authorities

  • Assessment of budget impact and disease burden

  • Expert support on global market access strategy development: payer surveys, identification of key stakeholder

Who are we?

Sandra McQuillan has more than 15 years' industry experience with Merck Lipha, Mylan SA and Sanofi Pasteur and has also worked for consultancy agencies including Datamonitor in London and Globalinsight in Paris.

She has led complex consultancy projects and she is specialized in pricing strategy, market access analysis & reference pricing regulations (new products launch sequence optimization, market access pathway, disease treatments analysis).

She also has contributed to key consultancy projects in a wide range of therapeutic areas including Alzheimer and Multiple Sclerosis and has extensive experience of working with European governmental health authorities.

Sandra holds a Masters in Economic policy from Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Grenoble and she holds a MBA from the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, Lyon.

Lucile Fabre has more than 8 years' experience in the healthcare industry and she has joined HMQ partners in 2017.

She has led national and international market research as well as pricing & reimbursement projects for Schering-Plough, MSD, Bio-Rad and Sanofi Pasteur in a wide range of therapeutic areas (infectious diseases, vaccins, cardiology, autoimmune diseases, addiction, ...).

Lucile has also a good knowledge of healthcare regulatory environment.

Lucile has a degree in Pharmacy from Lyon's University and a Master in Marketing from HEC Paris